Primary Orthostatic Tremor (POT) is a rare movement disorder characterized by a rapid tremor in the legs that occurs when standing.  The tremor disappears partially or completely when an affected person is walking or sitting. Individuals with primary orthostatic tremor experience feelings of unsteadiness or imbalance.  The tremor can cause affected individuals to immediately attempt to sit or walk because of a fear of falling.  In many patients, the tremors become more severe over time.   Primary orthostatic tremor is a constant problem that can affect the quality of life of affected individuals. The exact cause of primary orthostatic tremor is unknown.

Because the condition is so rare, patients are thinly distributed across the world.  There is precious little medical research into or publicity about POT and most General Practitioners (and even some Neurologists) have never heard of the condition.  

In response to these factors, an active and world-wide group of people diagnosed with the condition has formed around the Facebook Primary Orthostatic Tremor Group  and this website sits alongside the Group to provide information (with an Australasian flavour) for individuals diagnosed with POT, and their families, friends and carers.

Independent of our Australasian flavour, we welcome readers from around the world and would love to hear about anything that would improve the lives of POT patients and their family and friends, no matter where that information comes from.

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