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  • Diego’s Q&A

    Diego responded to the collective questions from the conference. The full Q&A is now available. [originally posted 14 Apr 2019]

  • Links added for previous (2013) Meeting in Sydney

    From the Sydney 2013 Meeting page, links have been added to the videos for the presentations from the 1st Australia and New Zealand Othostatic Tremor Meeting. [originally posted 12 Apr 2019]

  • Julian’s slides from 2019 Melbourne Conference uploaded

    Find ’em here. [originally posted 12 Apr 2019]

  • Short notices about events and content changes on this website.

    NoteWe’re not running a blog or discussion site here, the Facebook Primary Orthostatic Tremor Group is a better place for those styles of communication.  If you do have comments or feedback specific to this website please send email to editor “at” [originally posted Fri, 12 Apr 2019]