Living with POT can be made easier with all sorts of gadgets, aids and clever toys to help in the home and when out and about.

Below are the details of some of these, particularly when individuals are able to recommend them based on personal experience and when they are available in Australia (fancy gadgets that the supplier won’t ship to Australia are not a lot of help to us).

ItemAvailable in Australia FromComments
Fold-up fishing seat
fishing seat is the one Margaret Dalton had at the 2023 Melbourne Meeting.
Luggie Electric scooter
Luggie scooter
luggiescooter.comThe one that Joy Campbell had at the 2023 Melbourne Meeting is the Elite model and retails for a little under $5,000AUD
Ta-Da Foldable Cane Chair
cane chair
Various on-line sources like Amazon and eBay … but note warning to the rightThere are 2 models the “Chair” with a T-shaped handle (shown at the left) and the “Chair Series 2” with a D-shaped handle, and a huge range of prices (not all of the suppliers may be shipping products of the same quality – caveat emptor). The manufacturer’s website appears to be
Folding walking stick with “foot”
walking stick is the “Airgo” brand that Kim Bagnall had at the 2023 Melbourne Meeting. The “foot” not only aids balance, but acts as a stand when you’re seated so the stick does not fall over or lie on the ground.
MiniMax Collapsible Stool
collapsible stool
minimaxstool.comThis is the stool Moira Gibbens had at the 2019 Melbourne Conference. Even though they are made in Israel, they will ship to Australia. More recently very similar stools are being supplied from China.
Peak Canvas Seat Cane / Portable Seat Rest
sling seat is the model that Di Toner had at the 2019 Melbourne Conference.
Walking Stick with Seat
tripod seat McDonell has used this folding seat extensively, especially when travelling overseas.
Lightweight Roller with SeatwalkerMultiple brands and models are available from most mobility aids suppliers.These modern units (usually carbon fibre construction) are durable and lightweight (some as little as 5kg). They provide stability in the home, and more importantly, when out and about or travelling. The seat (with a back support) is most useful when you’re forced to stop for a queue or someone wants to have a “chat”.
StudyMyTremor app
studymytremor app have contacted the developer and unfortunately the app is only available for iPhone devices, so Android users are out of luck.
travel is a special  “I have a movement disorder called Orthostatic Tremor  …” disability sticker, wallet card and luggage tag.  Print it off, laminate it  and attach it to your hand luggage or walker.  Can make a big difference at airports and train stations.
The website also contains a lot of other travel-related information (including links for specific airlines).